A Cloak of Security – Advanced Encryption

A Cloak of Security – Advanced Encryption

At SD, our aim is to keep your personal, corporate, and organizational data safe through all phases of flight. As recent events have highlighted, and as our own cybersecurity experts have observed, there has been a notable rise in malicious cyber events globally, particularly ransomware attacks, during the last twelve months. As the “bad actors” continue to advance their methods and techniques, at SD we continue to respond by evolving our cybersecurity solutions to ensure you stay ahead of dynamic cybersecurity threats.

Available in Q3 this year, our Advanced Encryption service has been purpose-built for business aviation to further strengthen data security. The latest weapon in our battle against cyber events creates a protective defense layer that essentially “cloaks” the entire aircraft network without compromising speed or performance. The application of proprietary technology through the Satcom Direct Router (SDR®) platforms and SD infrastructure optimizes a secure, accelerated tunnel through which encrypted, anonymized data passes from the aircraft to the ground and back. The service negates the need for individual VPNs on personal digital devices which reduces the amount of overhead needed to support connections and ensures security of the complete connectivity solution.

In addition, the data transmission is monitored and supported by the SD Incident Response Team which analyzes data in real time, enabling the mitigation of potential events before they happen. Customized network configuration also enables separate WiFi network SSIDs based on passenger and data priority for complete principal security.

We already offer a sophisticated suite of cybersecurity solutions designed and tested to ensure that data transmitted from aircraft to prescribed organizational networks is protected. We offer vulnerability assessment through network discovery and onsite security assessments; our sophisticated threat monitoring service provides visibility into the traffic flowing from and to your aircraft, including networks and applications in use, to identify threats and take subsequent remedial action. We anticipate and prevent intrusion which means we don’t just let you know that a security event is happening, we take immediate steps to stop it, and track down the root cause. We combine technology with best-in-class cybersecurity expertise to keep your data safe and ensure you meet your mission needs.

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