BizAv’s Number One Router Family

SDR Series

As the market for aviation routers continues to grow, it’s clear that all are not created equally. As the industry’s leading provider of routers to business jets, SD continues to innovate router technology with new capabilities designed specifically for business aircraft needs. While some manufacturers are introducing new routers year after year, in reality, they are just selling re-badged equipment without a defined strategy. This leaves purchasers to speculate about the next product offering. Satcom Direct, on the other hand, designs, manufactures and certifies all of its SDR® Series of advanced router and telephony systems from start to finish. And with an install-base of more than 2,000 aircraft, our advanced technology and hardware have become the industry standard for business aviation connectivity solutions.

The SDR and SDR Gateway may differ in form factor but they share a common software platform that provides more capability and power to users than any other aircraft router system. While the SDR and SDR Gateway are designed to optimize and enhance the onboard internet experience enabling laptops, tablets and smartphones in-flight, the products enable the flight department on the ground too. Once installed, the SDR and SDR Gateway become the platform with which aircraft and flight departments become synchronized. An ambitious and visionary solution, integrating the SDR with SD Pro, our integrated flight operations management platform, gives users access to exceptional resources including: Advanced Connectivity Module, Cyber Threat Monitoring, SD Hardware Monitoring, SD Flight Logs, SD Flight Tracker, Scheduler Viewer, Maintenance Viewer, Flight Deck Freedom, and trip support—all from a web-based dashboard. SD’s routers and hardware technology are backed by a robust an innovative product roadmap, from the company that for the last three consecutive years has been voted number one in AIN’s Product Support Survey.

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