Cyber Threat Monitoring: Be In The Know

Threat Monitoring

You need to be aware of the potential in-flight cyber threats and risks that may affect your company’s data. With SD Pro, you can have confidence knowing that SD’s team of cyber security experts is proactively monitoring your network, and will block any malicious activity. The new Threat Monitoring module in SD Pro provides:

  • A real-time, in-flight view of the cabin system, including the networks and applications that are in use
  • The identified risk level (low to critical)
  • Types of cyber threats by name and applications (e.g. Microsoft, web browsing)
  • The actions SD has taken to protect the network

We capture this information and tailor it to create customized reporting that alerts our customers and our incident response team of pending or ongoing threats. The SD Pro module displays these threats in an easy to understand format.

The screenshot below displays the cumulative view of the cyber threats SD monitors in real-time by name, application and category, for all our subscribers. As you can see, SD blocked 100% of the 198 threats attacking your networks while in-flight.

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