CwC Sponsor Update: Bombardier

True colours: debunking common connectivity myths

With its comprehensive technology solutions, Bombardier is at the forefront of helping customers maximize their onboard connectivity experience. We’re also working hard to debunk common myths customers may have. With this in mind, here’s a quick “myth buster” primer with an eye to presenting “connectivity clarity” for customers.

Myth: Onboard connectivity technology lags behind other aircraft amenities customers demand and expect.

Truth: In fact, the onboard connectivity experience has been greatly enhanced over the past few years – there has been a marked upgrade in connectivity speeds throughout aircraft fleets. Bombardier’s flagship Global 7500 is the perfect example. The industry’s largest and most luxurious business jet boasts tip-to-tail connectivity solutions that provide the high-speed connectivity solutions that perfectly replicate an office or in-home experience.

Myth: “Slow as molasses” is the best way to describe the modern onboard connectivity experience on today’s business jets.

Truth: The onboard experience is anything but slow. It has transformed from a sluggish, inconsistent connection in early cabin designs to one that offers 20 MBPS, creating a truly home-like experience. And as a result, customers can unlock many other capabilities in their aircraft, from entertainment to productivity. Bombardier has been a pioneer in this regard, the first in the industry to launch Ka-band technology.

Myth: Connectivity consistency is virtually impossible onboard business aircraft – customers can rarely get a solid connection, especially in various aspects of flight.

Truth: Ka-band’s satellite distribution enables Bombardier customers to experience worldwide coverage which allows them to stay connected in all aspects of flight and on the ground.

Myth: Connectivity speeds are often an ongoing issue on business aircraft.

Truth: Bombardier’s Ka-band technology enables customers to experience connectivity speeds at more than 34 times the existing SBB solution. This produces incredible, consistent service, including customized plans for business aviation.

Myth: Customers are rather limited when it comes to utilizing their Cabin Management System (CMS).

Truth: Actually, after establishing that their aircraft’s router is capable of handling and managing all connectivity solutions on board, the CMS can be used to bring connectivity into the CMS loop. This enables customers to view video through streaming devices like Apple TV. It’s important to note, that integrating connectivity to the CMS complexity may limit the operator’s ability to quickly change their connectivity settings. That said, when connectivity is integrated into the CMS, this allows customers to maximize their entertainment onboard, unlocking all the potential of the home-in-the-sky or flying office environment.

So, there you have it – some essential, hard facts to give customers more insight into the often complex connectivity landscape.