Celebrating Over 1,000 SDRs Flying

SDR & SDR Gateway

This month, we are celebrating the milestone of reaching over 1,000 SDRs flying in business and military/government aviation!

The SDR’s first red label flight was in September 2013, followed by FAA certification in March 2014 on a Lear 60. It was added as an option for new aircraft deliveries by Gulfstream in 2014, Dassault in 2016, and Bombardier in 2017. Today it is flying on over 50 different airframes! There have been 11 software version releases on the SDR, with the 12th coming later this year. These releases have enabled SD value-added solutions to enhance the aircraft network and improve the user experience, including automated WAN failover, Global One IP (GOIP), Cybersecurity Threat Monitoring, among others.

The SDR was SD’s first venture into hardware manufacturing, and in the last five years, it has achieved status as the most popular router in the industry. The SDR is a key piece of our overall strategy integrating software, hardware, and connectivity to synchronize aircraft with flight operations. We continue to invest in and evolve our router program in order to provide the best user experience for our valued customers.