Introducing JX-Pro

We are proud to announce that SD is now offering Inmarsat’s newest Jet ConneX plan, JX-Pro. JX-Pro is for the data-hungry business aviation customers who are looking for the fastest inflight connectivity with unlimited data usage. The new plan will offer customers a maximum information rate (MIR) of 20 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, which is 33% higher speeds compared to Jet ConneX’s previous fastest plan.

“More and more business aviation customers are expressing an interest in upgrading to a faster, all-inclusive connectivity package, so it was natural for us to introduce JX-Pro to meet that demand,” explained Melinda Janda, Inmarsat Aviation’s Vice President of Market Strategy. “We have the fastest global network and we can deliver the fastest speeds in the business aviation market. So we are essentially opening the top off, so that people can take full advantage of the JX system”.

For more information about the new JX Pro plan, email our Sales Team here.