Our Customer Stories – PB Engineering Solutions Limited

SD and PB Engineering Solutions Limited:

“PB Engineering Solutions Limited made the decision to partner with Satcom Direct (SD) based on the ongoing service and support that they provide and the depth of their portfolio. We have developed strong relationships with the SD team, and they work closely with us to ensure that our customers’ connectivity expectations are met, and their inflight data is secure. We’ve not found that level of service elsewhere, and previous experience means the we would not consider changing connectivity partners as we are not prepared to sacrifice the world class service, expertise, and flexibility that SD consistently delivers.

We set our standards extremely high for our customers and, as connectivity is integral to their experience while flying, SD is the only connectivity partner that we trust to ensure that we deliver.

Satcom technology is rapidly evolving, so it’s important that we are kept up to date on developments that will help us to increase performance and efficiency wherever possible, while offering real benefits to our passengers and crew. Honesty is key, as satcom solutions are not ‘one size fits all,’ so we rely on SD to ensure that we understand the real-world performance and limitations of the services available. Expectation management is extremely important in maintaining trust with our customers and our long-term relationships.

SD’s solutions-based approach around connectivity, software, and hardware ensures that we are aware of relevant future technologies and are advising our customers to invest in the right areas; and their ‘customer first’ approach is backed up by their investment in support resources and personnel in key locations globally, which ensures that we can count on them to be on hand when we need them.”

– Paul Burke, Managing Director PB Engineering Solutions Ltd.