Safety and efficiency, meet reduced workload


Flying international routes? The FANS ADS-C mandate is rapidly approaching. Aircraft equipped with FANS capabilities help maintain safety requirements while reducing flight crew workload and adding operational efficiencies.

The good news for operators flying transoceanic routes is that SD’s Data Link Unit (DLU) was recently the first to receive an FAA TSO C159c certification for FANS over Iridium flight deck data communications. The DLU is a standalone component that complies with the latest FAA hardware and software standards. It’s small and lightweight and operates with a wide variety of existing FMSs via a standard ARINC data interface—making it future-ready. The DLU dovetails with our FlightDeck Freedom solution offering operators a complete solution for the flight deck. It requires no configuration and has a built-in Iridium transceiver. Increasing commercial and business jet traffic, and the imminent 2020 ADS-C mandate magnify the importance of qualified data link capability, an essential ingredient for FANS 1/A compliance.

TSO certification makes it simpler to obtain an STC, easing installation while allowing owners and operators to both reap the benefits of more efficient routes and preserve the critical safety features of FANS-1/A compliance. This accomplishment is a testament to the DLU’s robust software and hardware design, which has been demonstrated to meet the latest minimum operational performance standards—RTCA/DO-262 MOPS—for operators who want to comply with the 2020 ADS-C mandate.

How does FANS-1/A fit into your plans? For more information, click here.