FlexExec: Purpose-Built for Business Aviation


At NBAA, we announced that SD is the Master Distributor globally of Intelsat’s Ku-band High Throughout Satellite (HTS) service, FlexExec. Our SD GIV flew around the world to test and validate all satellites in the constellation – a first for business aviation. In just under ten days, the tour went from the US to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and back again, with several customer and press demo flights included.

We partnered with Astronics AeroSat to develop the new architecture for FlexExec. The network architecture is delivered via the upgraded AeroSat FlightStream (T-310) tail-mounted antenna system.

Purpose-Built for Business Aviation

FlexExec is a global, multi-layered broadband satellite connectivity network that delivers consistent, high performance coverage and service globally. FlexExec is uniquely designed to support business aviation, as capacity is not shared with commercial aviation or consumer broadband customers. Business jet passengers will always have consistent, on-demand global connectivity.

The worldwide coverage of FlexExec is specifically engineered to cover high traffic business aviation routes with HTS coverage and layers of wide beam capacity for added resiliency and redundancy. The service has been undergoing in-flight evaluation with SD Flight Operations since July 2018, seeing consistent speeds of 10Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream.

Benefits with FlexExec

  • Speeds up to 10Mbps supporting streaming video, cloud-based services, email, voice and text
  • Redundancy provided via wide beam and HTS coverage
  • Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities from SD Support
  • Capacity fully committed to business aviation
  • Flexible service plans tailored to your needs

The service will be commercially available at the end of Q1 2019 for STC development with OEMs for applicable in-service aircraft.