SD Scheduler

SD Scheduler

SD Scheduler was built using the SaaS model, meaning that it is a cloud-based software solution that provides secure, centralized management of aircraft and flight information and is fully customizable to support the needs of today’s dynamic environments. The SD Scheduler system helps corporate flight departments optimize workflows and communication across all parts of the operation, from pre-flight planning to post-flight reporting.

At launch, SD Scheduler includes the following key features:

  • Integration with CAMP for two-way data exchange (push/pull) of aircraft maintenance tracking information including aircraft and component times and cycles. Further integration is planned for release throughout 2019.
  • Post-flight experience via SD FlightLogs℠, capturing automated information for accurate and efficient reporting.
  • A robust Business Intelligence (BI) engine enabling customized reporting and analytics.
  • Integration with SD Pro and SD Hardware to truly synchronize data between the aircraft and flight ops and provide an accurate digital system of record.

SD Scheduler aligns the flight team as well as passengers, corporate offices, and vendors, keeping operations streamlined and efficient. The reliable and secure design meets corporate IT cybersecurity needs, and SD’s Agile software development continuously enhances the system.