SD Xperience: Creating a New Customer Journey in Business Aviation

SD Xperience

SD Xperience incorporates purpose-built technology to meet the unique and evolving requirements of business aviation. Delivering a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for the cabin and cockpit, SD Xperience simplifies and enhances the customer experience. There are three main components under the SD Xperience umbrella: network connectivity, avionics, and flight operations software.


With SD Xperience, we identify what satellite communications service works best for your needs by evaluating your connectivity goals and budget. We partner with the best network service providers in the industry to deliver a range of options with no obligations to push any specific service. Our only objective is to provide the best possible customer experience.

To complement our existing portfolio of connectivity offerings, we have introduced a new service in partnership with Intelsat. SD is the Master Distributor of FlexExec, a new service designed specifically for business aviation. Learn more about FlexExec in the article below.


Hardware plays an important role in the SD Xperience. Allocating bandwidth to VIPs, enabling streaming or live content, and securing your data transmissions can all be affected by your cabin router and associated components. SD Avionics cabin and flight deck systems provide the ultimate flexibility in connectivity, allowing you to customize and optimize your onboard network experience.

Flight Operations software

Providing premium in-flight connectivity is a core priority at SD, but we don’t stop there. SD provides tools to manage your connectivity and leverage key data to enhance your operations from pre-flight to post-flight and beyond. SD Software is fully integrated with our connectivity and hardware products, which provides seamless synchronization to optimize your flight operations management.

The SD Pro® platform provides proprietary applications that can be used to track aircraft status, connectivity usage, flight logs, maintenance status, trip planning, and operational history. It integrates with many third-party vendors and the top flight planning providers in the industry to streamline activities for the flight department.

SD software solutions are offered through a SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service) because it allows for better accessibility, security, and stability. The software is centrally hosted and cloud-based, which frees up room on your servers. Additionally, software updates are automatic, which saves time and ensures that software performance is optimized.