SD Completes Integration of Polaris Aero FlightRisk Into SD Pro Preflight Module

SD completes Polaris Aero FlightRisk Integration

At Satcom Direct we are committed to improving operational safety for crew and flight departments by reducing risk, enhancing situational awareness, and simultaneously communicating relevant information to all flight team members. The ability to accurately assess hazards associated with each flight plan and share the information with all flight team members immediately, is invaluable, which is why we are pleased to confirm the full integration of the Polaris Aero FlightRisk®, advanced risk analysis system, into the PreFlight module of our digital flight operations management system SD Pro®.

All mutual SD Pro and Polaris customers can now seamlessly switch between the two interfaces to enable a streamlined, flight risk analysis process. The integration simplifies pre-flight planning, while simultaneously communicating the same information to the crew and flight department. Automated data exchange between platforms reduces the risks of human error by circumventing the need for manual inputting of data.

Once the flight plan is submitted into PreFlight module, an immediate risk profile is generated using more data points than any other risk management system. A real-time report is returned advising of any anticipated hazards which may require flight plan modifications. A single click on SD Pro then navigates to a FlightRisk interface detailing deeper analysis. Detailed, mission critical recommendations can be reviewed together, enabling informed decision making about necessary flight modifications.

To encourage customers to take full advantage of the powerful new tools and enable maximized usage we are making education and training available to all SD customers through Entry-Into-Service workshops, training videos, and online manuals that can be accessed via SD Pro support tools. To find out how to improve your flight risk analysis click here.

Since launch nearly 200 customers have subscribed to the power of the PreFlight and PostFlight modules to take advantage of synchronizing planning information from multiple sources into the single dashboard SD Pro dashboard. PostFlight automates the laborious task of filling out flight logs by automatically recording accurate to the minute engine times and cycles, which are auto-populated into the PostFlight module. All the PreFlight and PostFlight information can be shared various maintenance providers and engine manufacturers, requiring no duplication of effort and entries, while creating an accurate digital record of the aircraft history.

Find out more about how PreFlight and PostFlight can streamline your flight operations click here.