SD Makes a Quest to QEST

SD Makes a Quest to QEST

As the entry into service of the Plane Simple™ Antenna system draws close in Q1 2022, our President Chris Moore, travelled with an executive team to Holzgerlingen, in Germany to visit our hardware development partner Quantum Electronic Systems GmbH, QEST. The worldwide market leader in innovative aviation manufacturing technologies has worked closely with Satcom Direct’s research and development team to realise the Satcom Direct Plane Simple Antenna system vision.

During the tour of the QEST Innovation Centre of Excellence, the team witnessed first-hand the final product assembly processes, testing and packaging of the first in our series of SD Plane Simple Antennas.

QEST’s expertise in developing antennas to support applications with demanding bandwidth requirements was a key factor in the selection of the Germany-based business to work with Satcom Direct on our own suite of antennas, and the trip confirmed the value of this expertise.

Our executives also took the opportunity to discuss the future needs of the market and reviewed the next generation of products that will satisfy the changing requirements of satellite operators, service providers and aircraft. “Our partnership with QEST has supported streamlined development of our antenna series, and it was excellent to spend time with the team working diligently behind the scenes. When the first antenna enters into service, and the satellite service provided by Intelsat FlexExec network is activated, it will mark a new era for business aviation connectivity positioning Satcom Direct as a single resource for all business aviation connectivity needs,” says Moore. “We are looking forward to introducing our first terminals to our customers and anticipate many more exciting developments in the future.”

Headed by Dr. Jörg Oppenländer, QEST also shared news about the launch of sister company QEST Antenna Technology GmbH, “QAT”. QAT will develop and bring to maturity satellite communication antennas based on QEST’s Electroactive Phased Array (Q-EPA) technology. Satcom Direct is already working with QEST to develop a flat panel phased array antenna for the business aviation market, and the launch of QAT will support the research and development program.