A Better High-Speed Experience With the SDR® Series

A better high-speed experience with the SDR series.

As the number one connectivity services provider in business aviation for over 20 years, we understand how important consistent, reliable high-speed global connectivity is to our global customers.

Powered by our SDR® and SDR Gateway routers, the high-speed data experience offers much more than simply connectivity. The SDR platforms support efficient operations by synchronizing all members of the flight department; they ensure crew can manage and troubleshoot onboard connectivity systems with ease; executives remain connected ensuring continued, sustainable, business productivity with appropriate bandwidth allocated; and passengers maintain contact with their loved ones wherever they are in the world.

As we continue on our mission to emulate the terrestrial connectivity experience in the air, powerful new functionality is adding even greater versatility to our SDR offering. Bandwidth can now be tailored and distributed to each individual device in the cabin ensuring user prioritization. Software and configuration updates have been streamlined to deploy faster updates.

The routers are also a critical link between customers and our award-winning support team. Having the SDR onboard provides our team with greater visibility into network performance, allowing us to identify potential problems and often resolve them, often before they impact the passenger experience.

SDR and SDR Gateway - SDR Series

The collaboration between our Network Operations Center (NOC), our certified SD Data Center, and the onboard SDR unit is also raising our cybersecurity solutions to the next level. We already actively monitor data transmission for abnormal behavior and patterns, and now we are evolving systems that will deliver threat monitoring solutions to each individual onboard device.

In addition to tangible connectivity benefits, the SDR plays a crucial part in real-time, authenticated data distribution relating to aircraft performance and system health monitoring. The most tangible form of this is seen through the SDR integrations that enable automatic delivery of post-flight data into flight logs in real-time, reducing manual errors, minimizing rounding, and supporting more efficient maintenance scheduling.

When the SDR is installed on your aircraft, you are installing an award-winning customer support team, a suite of cybersecurity solutions, a powerful data collection and distribution system, and robust global connectivity – ensuring your high-speed data experience is even better with the SDR series.