Case Study – SD Flight Ops: Why MySky SD Pro integration is a Force Multiplier

Why MySky SD Pro integration is a Force Multiplier

SD runs a busy flight department supporting our commercial team, and more importantly validating all our products and services to ensure that when they come to market, they are fit for purpose. As we continually seek to set new standards in the industry, we have been impressed by the added value the AI-powered spend management platform MySky is delivering through our data management software SD Pro®.

The value of delivering synchronized operational control across the flight operations team from pre- to post-flight with SD Pro, is now combined with the ability to better manage operational budgets through MySky. For the first time ever, we have clear visibility into what are often considered opaque operating costs. Prices, cost confirmation, invoice verification and budget allocation were previously seen as complex, unwieldy, and dull processes; now with MySky, a comprehensive analysis of all the operating costs is presented in a standardized format that clearly displays all the relevant data in a couple of keystrokes.

We are embracing the financial information generated by the system. It is easy to access, simple to understand and manipulate, and helps us to better understand where we are spending, when, and on which aircraft. We are already experiencing tangible and surprising cost-saving benefits as the system proactively evaluates our spending. For example, at one FBO we are saving up to three times our original costs on fuel uplift.

MySky gives us the ability to easily maximize our budget and minimize false economies. The intuitive interface highlights where we are spending effectively, and more importantly where we are not, as the platform automatically aggregates and distills all spending information. Seeing the information directly within the SD Pro dashboard enhances our experience even further. We get a quick glimpse of our status without having to leave the environment and can easily click to dive in deeper as needed. Centralizing all of our tools into one secure location with SD Pro has truly been a game changer for us.

Before MySky, like many departments, we were simply accepting pricing believing it to be fair. We lacked the necessary tools to simply and efficiently analyze the options. Now rather than accepting the price, we have the validated information empowering us to advocate for our own fees. The data is supporting necessary changes to existing supplier arrangements which leads to effective costs savings for us, and our business. As more flight departments use MySky, so more costs will be standardized making business aviation pricing more equitable for all, that’s a powerful outcome.

The first phase of the MySky integration with SD Pro is online now and we are excited to see how this powerful tool will inspire informed conversations between finance and flight departments, and how this will lead to direct cost savings for owners, and a more transparent business aviation industry.