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When Gulfstream and SD created the Gulfstream Connectivity Service agreement in 2017, one of the original goals was to provide customers technical assistance from Gulfstream employees who were well-versed and technically sound in all aspects of onboard connectivity.

To do this, Gulfstream, with the assistance of SD, embarked on an initiative to provide two levels of education through aeroCNCT and aeroIT classes to its employees who assist customers in determining what connectivity system best meets their needs as well as employees who troubleshoot connectivity systems or develop new onboard systems.

Gulfstream-exclusive classes, which commenced at the beginning of 2018, were set up in strategic locations near its facilities – Las Vegas; St. Louis; Long Beach, Ca.; Appleton, Wis.; and Savanah – to facilitate and maximize Gulfstream employee participation.

In the first seven months of this year, more than 70 Gulfstream team members have attended an aeroCNCT class. Attendees include Gulfstream Completions Delivery Executives and Associates from both Customer Support and New Aircraft Completions; Customer Support Regional Sales Managers; and other members of the company’s Customer Support Sales team.

In addition to the introductory aeroCNCT class, Gulfstream employees are also attending the more advanced SD aeroIT class. Half of the Gulfstream Technical Operations Cabin Communications team have attended this class, while the remaining members will be scheduled for the class before the end of this year. Gulfstream’s Customer Support Technical Sales team has an impressive 75 percent completion rate for the aeroIT class.

The benefits of the training classes are especially evident with the recent implementation of Gulfstream’s new Virtual Network Operations Center (VNOC) within the Technical Operations center at the company’s Savannah facility. Gulfstream’s Cabin Communications team who staff the VNOC, receive shared advanced connectivity data from SD that assists them with immediate troubleshooting for any customer connectivity issue that may arise.

The aeroCNCT and aeroIT classes have helped Gulfstream and SD achieve their original goal to develop technically sound resources for their customers. These valuable classes will continue to provide the necessary training for Gulfstream’s ever-growing sales and sales support teams.




On July 25th, Iridium Communications, Inc. successfully launched ten Iridium NEXT satellites to low earth orbit (LEO) on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This is a monumental milestone as there is only one launch left before the NEXT Constellation is complete and a new era of capabilities is ushered in like the Iridium Certus broadband service and Aireon real-time aircraft surveillance system.

The cross-linked LEO architecture of the constellation provides dependable coverage over the entire globe even when traditional local communications are unavailable such as during a natural disaster. Rapid satellite transitions and interconnections minimize the impact of network performance anomalies, whilst providing very low probability of signal detection and interception.

Certus is compatible with the existing Iridium network and devices for backwards compatibility and service continuity.

COMSAT was awarded an exclusive multi-year contract as an Iridium Certus service provider for land-mobile applications and to support all Department of Defense (DoD) users. Look out for more news coming soon with Iridium and SD!

Again, we congratulate our partner, Iridium, in the momentous occasion.




If you are considering upgrading your in-flight connectivity system, the timing has never been better. Viasat Ku-band Advanced delivers increased download speeds up to 6.0 Mbps allowing you to access your business applications, browse the web and stream video. Stay connected to what’s important to you and your business.

Now you can take advantage of the increased speeds of Viasat Ku-band Advanced with new service and hardware pricing.

New service plans have been introduced to increase data allocations by six-fold; from 5 GB to 30 GB for the same price!

Ku-Advanced Solution includes:

  • High-speed in-flight connectivity up to 6 Mbps- the ability to stream, surf, video and conference
  • Near-global coverage available in all phases of flight- if you’re onboard, you’re online
  • 3 Line replacement units (LRUs) consisting of a small antenna, modem and antenna control unit. 3 LRUs require a smaller footprint, meaning more room for storage and luggage.
  • Advanced, 3rd generation hardware, field tested for 10+ years with superior reliability
  • Pathway to Ka-band with the same mounting holes and wiring
  • Special hardware pricing available through the end of 2018

Viasat Ku-band Advanced solution is available today. Reach out to Satcom Direct Service Representative at +1 321.777.3000, or email us at [email protected].