Case Study: SD Flight Ops

Considering its in-house flight department as a customer has been integral to the evolution of product development at SD. With offices in 15 different locations, our corporate flight department operates a busy but small fleet, including a Gulfstream G350 and Cessna Citation Sovereign. The fleet, which is fully reliant on the SD Pro® platform for operations, is used to support business travel and to trial and validate the effectiveness and functionality of new products.

SD Pro communicates accurate, comprehensive data for all phases of flight to the entire operations team. Throughout the mission, from scheduling to post flight administration, critical information is visible in real time across the team from the centralized platform. The SD Flight Department depends upon SD Pro to facilitate all its flight operations safely and securely.

Fundamental to the centralized flight operations are the recently enhanced PreFlight and PostFlight modules in SD Pro, enabling flight departments to manage all phases of flight from a single, synchronized dashboard. The detailed scheduling and automated digital flight log capabilities improve efficiencies across the entire flight operation by optimizing work-flows and simplifying communication.

“Everything we develop has its genesis in our own flight department. We are committed to developing products for business aviation and by being our own customer we can create solutions that enhance business aviation flight operations and efficiency,” says Satcom Direct Founder and CEO Jim Jensen. “We develop solutions from the ground up which are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of global business aviation operators.”

SD PreFlight generates crew profiles, aircraft operational status, and fleet availability helping the scheduler to make informed decisions for each mission. The system’s integration with third party vendors enables the filing of a flight plan within the intuitive graphic interface. Once submitted, alerts are automatically sent to relevant crewmembers for up to the minute changes.

SD PostFlight autonomously and accurately populates the flight log with aircraft and engine times and cycles, with accuracy to the minute. The open architecture system shares this information with third party maintenance providers and OEM engine warranty programs.

“Our pilots like the way our automated data feeds SD PostFlight. It is accurate, efficient, and timely as it allows aircrew to log flights immediately after landing. No pilot calculations are required, and the data is easily submitted via our SD Crew App. SD Pro gives our flight department increased visibility, which results in more efficient aircraft maintenance scheduling,” says Jensen.

Throughout every phase, all data is managed through SD’s Tier III Data Center, ensuring sensitive Personal Identifying Information (PII), as well as aircraft data, is kept secure and compliant with global data privacy regulations.

For the SD Flight Department, and more importantly for SD customers, the cohesive suite of SD Pro modules streamlines operating procedures and enables the user to efficiently manage its assets in a dynamic aviation landscape. We are committed to innovating products and systems that optimize work-flows and simplify communications across all parts of the flight operation, to effectively define new standards for business aviation flight management.