A Letter from Jim Jensen

Jim Jensen

It has been an exciting first half of the year for SD, as we continue to deliver on our connectivity commitment for aviation, military, government, land mobile and maritime customers.

Airborne validation of the Plane Simple™ Ku-band antenna continues, and performance has exceeded expectations with over 100 flights to date. The antenna is now installed on two SD aircraft platforms, with customer in-service evaluation slated to begin this summer. We have repeatedly been first to deliver leading-edge technology to market, and the Plane Simple antenna represents yet another industry debut, as it is the first time an antenna system has been designed specifically for the business aviation sector.

Completed in May, we are proud to announce the latest upgrade to our global private network, which is also purpose-built to support aviation. The latest infrastructure enhancements enable even more robust, flexible, and secure connectivity for business and government operators worldwide. As recent events have highlighted, and as our own cybersecurity experts have observed, there has been a notable rise in malicious cyber events in the last twelve months; our investments in infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions ensure you stay ahead of these dynamic threats.

As a technology provider in aviation, we are continually seeking to set new standards for the industry in terms of operations. The SD Pro® Operating System synchronizes communications and control across flight operations, and we are now adding a financial component to complement the operational modules with the launch of Spend Management with MySky. Feedback from our own SD Flight Department has been very encouraging, and we are already working to add more capabilities within the new module.

We have much more planned for the remainder of the year, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you along the way. As always, I appreciate your continued support and look forward to meeting with you all again soon.

Jim Jensen
Founder & CEO