Become Cyber Resilient with New SD Awareness Course

Become Cyber Resilient with New SD Awareness Course

Within business aviation, the threat of cyber events continues to escalate and we advise customers that it is a matter of when a cyber event will occur, not if. With the rise of increasingly sophisticated “bad actors,” there is a clear and present danger that all flight departments, corporate fleets, and business aviation stakeholders should be aware of, which is why we have launched our brand-new Aviation CyberThreat Awareness course.

We recognize that technology alone cannot be responsible for mitigating all cyber threats, so we have designed this course specifically for business aviation professionals, owners and operators to support raised awareness. The program navigates the complexities of security compliance and cyberthreat prevention from an aviation, rather than technology, perspective. Available now, the computer-based training, which is offered through the SD Learning Management System (LMS), is self-paced to deliver a comprehensive understanding of aviation information security.

Those subscribing to the program will learn how to implement best practices for security compliance and monitoring security of passenger and organizational data. Identification of common hacking techniques, attack methodology and current cybersecurity concerns within aviation support awareness building about inherent vulnerabilities. In addition, modules relating to how to protect data during international travel are complemented by information on the use of personal digital devices before, during and after a flight. The course is set to become essential training for any business aviation professional concerned with anticipating and mitigating inevitable cyber events.

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