Bringing Connectivity to Maritime

COMSAT Strengthens DataWave Ku-band for Maritime Sector

In conjunction with our airtime service partners, COMSAT, an SD company, is enhancing the DataWave™ Ku-band network throughput to deliver faster transmissions for all maritime communications. Maritime customers already optimizing the DataWave Ku services will now benefit from highly customizable satellite services, access to the latest real-time weather and nautical information, and the ability to stream video applications including Zoom, Skype, or other internet broadcasts. Unlimited data plans supporting the varied and unique needs of the merchant, fishing, leisure, yachting, and maritime energy sectors are also being made available.

For customers combining the strengthened COMSAT DataWave Ku-band network with single cable and multiple antenna solutions and Iridium’s newly launched GMDSS services utilizing the Lars Thrane 3100S GMDSS solution, all standards and certification requirements for worldwide maritime satellite communications as satisfied. This powerful combination of hardware and services delivers constant, robust, connectivity in even the most challenging of operating environments.

Most importantly customer safety is augmented as the system supports 100% Global Distress Coverage, Maritime Safety Information (MSI) through Enhanced Group Call (EGC), navigational and meteorological safety intelligence, high priority safety calling and messaging to maritime rescue coordination centers, as well as telemedicine services.

As cybersecurity is said to be the number one threat to a vessel’s safety and operations, iDirect hubs are also being installed on customer vessels to deliver the most secure, military-level Ku-band service possible and routed through SD’s complaint Data Centers. Underpinned by the COMSAT NOC the solution helps fleet managers better mitigate risks connected with cybersecurity.

With the enhanced airtime service maritime travel is made safer, more secure and ship to shore communication management is improved. The integrated hardware, software, strengthened Ku-band throughput and cybersecurity options can all be customized to give our customers the confidence needed to manage always on connectivity across the world’s seas.