Gulfstream: Gulfstream Cabin Management Connectivity Status

Sponsored Content. By Michael Wolf – Customer Support Technical Sales, Gulfstream

Gulfstream introduced the Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS) with the new G650 and G280 aircraft models in 2012. One of the key reasons for creating the GCMS was to give Gulfstream the ability to be more responsive to its customers’ needs by more quickly developing and implementing features based on customer requests.

GCMS 2, which launched with the G500 and G600 and cut into production for G650/G650ER and G280, brings a whole new level of flexibility to the GCMS platform. A key example of this is the Connectivity Status page, which enables flight attendants and crew to check connectivity systems via the GCMS galley and vestibule touchscreens.

Connectivity applications such as SD Cabin, which are used on personal electronic devices, have evolved to become useful when diagnosing or checking the status of connectivity systems. However, with so many tasks demanded of flight attendants, trying to find a phone or tablet to check connectivity status can take their attention away from those tasks as they scramble to find a device.

So, customers recognized the need to have this information within the GCMS and, in conjunction with Satcom Direct, the GCMS team was able to accomplish this. The team created the interface that pulls the same parameters the SDR provides to the applications and directed those same parameters to the touchscreen displays. Utilizing basic symbology such as the “cell phone” style signal bars gives the crew a familiar visual indication of the signal strength or using the “x” to show it is disconnected. The touch screens also display coverage maps, which indicate when the aircraft is out of coverage.

GCMS 2 goes beyond displaying just the state of the connectivity system. Because GCMS 2 now features a page that displays usage of each device, flight crews can now monitor data usage of all the PEDs onboard and block internet access to a specific passenger or crew member’s device. In future software updates, crew members also will have the ability to assign different types of access to specific devices. For example, a device can be allowed to control the cabin via Cabin Comfort, but not access the internet. These settings can be applied and modified all from the galley touchscreen.

As new connectivity systems come to market and Satcom Direct expands its parameters, the GCMS team will continue to use customer feedback to enhance and evolve the connectivity status pages. While the Gulfstream-designed and -controlled GCMS has been in service for eight years, the GCMS team’s primary goal remains the same – to enhance the onboard experience by meeting the expectations of crew and passengers.

In-service G650/G650ER aircraft that are equipped with GCMS 1 are able to upgrade to GCMS 2, adding the Connectivity Status page as well as many other new features and functions. The GCMS 2 upgrade will be available for the G280 and select G450/G550 aircraft models in the future. For information on the GCMS 2 upgrade, contact your Gulfstream Customer Support Regional Sales Manager.