Intelsat: Innovation Continued – Intelsat 40e is Designed to Connect a World-on-the Go

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Travelers flying privately expect a premium level of service. And high-speed connectivity is no exception. No matter how far you are from your business and life on the ground, high-quality, highly resilient broadband is a must—from taxiing to touchdown.

That’s why Intelsat continues to expand on our award-winning high-throughput satellite (HTS) Epic platform. Intelsat announced plans to partner with SpaceX to launch IS-40e in 2022. It will provide 40+ Gbps of capacity directly over North and Central America, providing Intelsat’s business jet customers with high throughput, “coast-to-coast” coverage in the US. This additional layer of coverage ensures ample bandwidth to serve increasing traveler connectivity demand.

Intelsat FlexExec is a global, multi-layered, Ku-band HTS connectivity service.

  • Designed specifically for business aviation – Unlike other networks where capacity is shared across other verticals such as commercial aero and consumer broadband, FlexExec’s committed network resources mean you’ll enjoy uninterrupted internet access anywhere in the world.
  • Connect with confidence – Whether you’re browsing the internet, streaming music or movies or sending large files and video conferencing for work, FlexExec delivers a seamless, consistent Wi-Fi experience, no matter how your connectivity needs evolve in the future.
  • Safeguard your applications – As cyberthreats grow more advanced, so must your satellite communications infrastructure. Held to the highest security standards, Intelsat is the only commercial satellite operator with independent Service Organization Controls (SOC 3) accreditation.

Intelsat continues to invest in cutting-edge satellite technologies that make it easy and affordable for our customers to connect people and devices wherever they fly. Intelsat’s 2nd generation high-throughput satellites are also currently being designed. This will more than double the size of the Intelsat global network providing concentrated power and capacity over high-traffic areas with added layers of performance.

We’ve designed this network to be scalable and ready to handle the immense amount of demand in capacity to come over the next decade from travelers. This means business jet travelers can expect a reliable, consistent connectivity experience every time they fly.

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