Thank You!

Jim Jensen kitchen

As we proudly celebrate our 20-year anniversary, we want to thank all of our customers and partners that have helped SD become who we are today in the aviation industry. Without your loyalty, trust and candid feedback, we would not be here celebrating our 20th year and looking forward to the future with eagerness and enthusiasm.

It all began in a small garage in Satellite Beach, Florida in 1997. Jim Jensen had an idea that would ultimately revolutionize aircraft communications. If we could pick up a telephone and call anyone direct, why wasn’t it possible to do the same with an aircraft in flight? After many months of long nights and weekends working in his garage, Jim pioneered the technology that enables direct dialing an aircraft while in-flight using its own unique telephone number. The Global One Number® was born, Satcom Direct, Inc. was established and Jim received his first patent in 1999. Jim’s passion to create connectivity solutions didn’t stop there. His vision led him to connect with David Greenhill, SD President, and together they established SD Communications, and began offering airborne internet to customers in 2003.

Fast forward to today, SD now has 18 locations throughout the world, over 400 talented team members and a new state-of-the-art World Headquarters and Data Center in Melbourne, Florida. SD’s spirit of innovation continues as we prepare to launch new solutions that will help you meet your demands in both the cabin and cockpit.

Time flies when you’re having fun.