The best defense is a good offense. Your in-flight data Cyber Security strategy.

Cyber Security

You’re on your way to a board meeting. Your aircraft is cruising, you set up your laptop, login to the network and start checking your company email messages and downloading files. It’s easy to think that your executive data is protected – at 35,000 feet, how can you possibly get hacked? Think again.

In-flight networks are vulnerable to the same security threats as the home or office network. Last year, aviation systems were subject to an average of 1,000 attacks each month. How can you reduce your risk of being hacked?

SD offers a suite of cyber security solutions tailored to the flight department to safeguard the integrity of the aircraft’s on-board network. Help give your passengers and flight teams the confidence of having secure communications everywhere the aircraft flies by allowing SD to provide comprehensive solutions to strengthen your flight security practices.

Our SD Cyber Security team will provide the following services:

  • Complimentary Network Discovery – evaluate your state-of-the-network and current security practices and provide recommendations on identified areas of improvement
  • Security Risk Assessment – full on-site risk assessment for your flight department to understand and identify threats to your environment, both on wing and at the hangar
  • Risk Mitigation and Threat Monitoring – enhanced threat analysis and prevention solutions
  • SD Private Network – a global communications framework using SD’s private Data Center and multiple points-of-presence worldwide, avoiding the public internet and protecting your communications and data

Having a proactive plan is the best defense for keeping your data secure in-flight. To learn more about our services or to request a comprehensive review from the SD Cyber Security team, please contact us at +1 321.777.3000 or at [email protected].