Feature Spotlight

Below are a few of the features that can be found within SD Pro. Each section contains an overview of the feature, as well as a detailed video on the feature’s capabilities and how to use it. Additional feature spotlight videos can found by logging into your SD Pro account.

Viewing the Aircraft’s Active WAN Source in SD Pro®

Did you know that you can identify an aircraft’s active internet service (WAN connection) using SD Pro?

Having information about the aircraft’s current active WAN connection offers flight department personnel valuable insight into the current passenger experience onboard the aircraft. This information can now be viewed in both the Flight tracker and Advanced Connectivity modules of SD Pro.

Viewing Data Usage Per Device in SD Pro

Accessing specific device usage data offers a valuable tool in enhancing overall user experience. By identifying potential bandwidth hogs or sources of unwanted usage, such as software updates and cloud syncing being consumed by idle devices, use of available bandwidth can be better optimized.

Customize and Receive Data Usage Alerts

Usage alerts can be configured to notify users when a specific percent or threshold of your connectivity service plan allowance has been used, or you can set alerts based on a total volume of GBs used. Alerts can be set up per service per aircraft, and each alert can be sent to multiple email addresses. They can even be sent directly to the flight deck using FlightDeck Freedom®.

Customize the Service Notification Calendar

In this video, you will learn how to customize your Service Notifications calendar.

Subscribe to Service Specific Email Notifications

In this video, you will learn how to subscribe to service-specific email notifications, usage alerts, and GeoFence alerts in SD Pro.