Satcom Direct Plane Simple™ Antenna System Takes Off as STCs Awarded and Customer Installations Begin

L to R: Satcom Direct’s John Kummer, VP Strategy & Programs, Jim Jensen, Founder and CEO, and Chris Moore, President

– First FAA Supplemental Type Certificates confirmed for multiple Gulfstream models
– First EASA Supplemental Type Certificates approved for specified Bombardier Global aircraft
– In-service-evaluations under way globally with the Intelsat FlexExec network
– More Plane Simple units already shipped for in-service evaluation program

Melbourne, FL. / 6 April 2022 – Satcom Direct, the business aviation solutions provider, is celebrating Federal Aviation Association, (FAA) approval of Supplemental Type Certificates, (STCs) for the Satcom Direct Plane Simple™ Ku-band tail-mounted Antenna System. Following a multi-model, (AML) STC approval, Gulfstream G550, G450, GV and GIV types can now be equipped with the advanced technology terminal.

The Satcom Direct Gulfstream G550 is the first aircraft carrying the equipment, demonstrating the power, versatility and simplicity of the Plane Simple advanced antenna technology, which is powered by the Intelsat FlexExec satellite network. The minimally invasive antenna installation, which required the fitting of just two-line replaceable units – the tail-mounted antenna and the SD modem unit – was carried out by Gulfstream at its Appleton, WI facility.

In parallel the European Aviation Safety Agency, (EASA) has released an STC for multiple Bombardier types, covering Global 6000, 5000, Express XRS and Express. SD collaborated with Alamo Engineering GmbH to generate the first EASA STC for the Global airframes. A privately owned Bombardier Global Express is the first aircraft equipped with the Plane Simple Ku-band terminal outside of the US, with equipment installation completed by ACC Columbia Jet Service at its Hannover, Germany, MRO facility.

“This is a monumental day for Satcom Direct demonstrating we have taken our initial concept of a simplified connectivity hardware system, that can be easily installed, maintained and transitioned, and made it a reality,” said SD Founder and CEO, Jim Jensen. “We announced we would do it just over two years ago and, we have stuck to our plan as SD Avionics, our expert hardware team, worked with our production partner QEST, to create a whole new class of antenna hardware. It completes our connectivity puzzle adding to our existing software, ground infrastructure and hardware. More importantly it gives our customers greater flexibility, cost effective connectivity options, and a single resource to fulfill each and every connectivity need. It is what they were asking for and we have delivered it, I could not be prouder.”

The revolutionary antennas will form part of the in-service evaluation program which delivers additional feedback about system performance, further confirming that together, the high throughput Intelsat FlexExec satellite network, combined with the Plane Simple Ku-band tail-mounted antenna system, simplifies high-speed data access for more business aviation owners globally. Multiple units are currently being delivered by SD Avionics to customers who will join the in-service evaluation program.

“Until now high-speed connectivity options were limited by capacity, restrictive plans, invasive installation, and the complexity of transition pathways. With the Plane Simple tail-mounted antenna these needs are resolved in one simple step. We’re excited and extremely pleased to have worked with SD and ACC Columbia Jet Service to generate the first European STCs for this impressive new technology,” said Alamo Engineering‘s co-owner and Head of Design and Airworthiness, Jörg Gorkenant.

Designed exclusively for business aviation aircraft the Plane Simple terminal and Intelsat FlexExec network deliver consistently reliable high-speed data access for government, corporate and private customers. The initial swathe of STCs, which increases access to the powerful Ku-band offering for international customers, will be followed by further approvals from the FAA, Transport Canada, and EASA for more airframe models by the end of Q2, 2022. The official approvals and customer in-service evaluations represent the penultimate phase before the revolutionary SD Plane Simple Antenna System enters commercial service in Q3 of this year.


About Satcom Direct: Satcom Direct (SD) is founded on a core belief of understanding the value of time and the importance of maximizing it. The company mobilizes the most cutting-edge technologies to enable connection, wherever you might be. SD’s proprietary technologies span business aviation, marine, government and telecommunications sectors, with the singular goal of leading connectivity industry standards.

Harnessing a powerful combination of tools, SD delivers consistent, reliable connectivity across the globe. Proprietary software, hardware, terrestrial infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions and award-winning customer services create tailored data services for each individual customer mission. The aim is to enhance the passenger experience, improve efficiencies and give back precious time by providing connectivity beyond all expectations.

SD World Headquarters is located in the heart of the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, with 14 additional locations in 11 countries including UK, UAE, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Russia, and Brazil plus a hardware development and manufacturing base in Ottawa, Canada. For more information regarding SD, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call U.S. +1.321.777.3000 or UK +44.1252.554.460.


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About Alamo Engineering:Alamo is a privately held specialist DOA Part-21J Design Organization based Europe who specialize in the development of aviation STC’s and approved Minor Modification packages. These design packages are then further complimented by Alamo’s ability to fabricate, in house, a range of custom Installation Kits, Wiring Harnesses / Looms and Mechanical Structures to facilitate the installation of these approved designs. The Alamo team shares a passion for aviation and, collectively, they bring numerous years of shared engineering and systems expertise and can propose tailored solutions to resolve uniquely challenging customer requirements across a broad range of platform types.


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