Satcom Direct Adds New Aviation CyberThreat Awareness Training

Satcom Direct Adds New Aviation CyberThreat Awareness Training

Melbourne, FL. / 17 August 2021 – Satcom Direct (SD), the business aviation solutions provider, has bolstered its training curriculum with the addition of a newly developed Aviation CyberThreat Awareness course. The online, self-paced program, designed for end users, delivers a comprehensive understanding of how to minimize digital risk, and ensure company compliance, by making simple changes in digital behavior and device handling.

SD has designed the course specifically for users of computers, mobile devices, networks, and internet services, including members of flight departments, operators, crew, and passengers. The program explores how human and technical factors, impact cyber security. Modules detail best practices for implementing data security compliance, identifying common hacking and attack methodology, and how to recognize, and mitigate, inherent vulnerabilities on the ground or in the air. In addition, the course explores the importance of protecting data during international travel and is complemented by information relating to the use of personal digital devices before, during, and after a flight.

“The threat of cyber events continues to escalate in business aviation. It is not a matter of if a cyber event will occur, but when, so we wanted to provide our customers with an accessible course that supports cyberthreat prevention from an aviation user and facilitator, rather than purely technological, perspective,” explains John Kummer, Senior VP Strategy and Programs. “With the rise of increasingly sophisticated bad actors there is a clear and present danger that all flight departments, corporate fleets, and business aviation stakeholders should be aware of. This course helps to clarify weak points, whether they be technical or human behavior related, and provides solutions that will strengthen data practices.”

The latest training program demonstrates the SD commitment to customer support and education, as it aims to raise standards across the industry. More than 1,000 professionals have successfully completed SD training offerings, including the industry’s first certified aeroIT® course for aviation IT professionals, and aeroCNCT for flight crew members. “The combination of our digital Learning Management System, and in-person tailored connectivity courses, increases access to this critical information. We are pleased to provide an educational platform that enhances the skills and knowledge of our customers, colleagues and the business aviation sector globally,” adds Kummer.

The new Aviation CyberThreat Awareness Course and a host of other training programs are available for enrollment via SD’s website as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing world class customer support.


About Satcom Direct: Satcom Direct (SD) and its group of companies provides global connectivity solutions for business and general aviation, military, government, and head-of-state aircraft. The company also provides land mobile services to areas with connectivity limitations. Since 1997, SD has worked to advance the technology of global connectivity, being first to market with many new capabilities in communications. SD’s industry-leading connectivity solutions are complemented by its divisional capabilities, including SD cabin router systems and SD flight operations software. The company’s next generation of services help to synchronize the aircraft with the flight department, connecting the entire flight operation. SD’s technologies provide the most powerful integrated data platform in the industry.

A premier Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium service partner, and Viasat preferred reseller, SD is also the Master Distributor of Intelsat FlexExec. SD World Headquarters and primary operations center is located in Melbourne, Florida, with additional office locations in the United States, Canada, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, and Brazil. For more information regarding SD, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call U.S. +1.321.777.3000 or UK +44.1252.554.460.