Satcom Direct Defines New Standards for Business Aviation Data Management

Charlotte, NC / 10 March – Satcom Direct (SD), the business aviation solutions provider, is showcasing how the intelligent data and communications platform, SD Pro®, improves modern flight operations management via standardized operating procedures and data protocols, at the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference, booth 1835. Leveraging elements from its aircraft connectivity services, hardware platforms, and ground network infrastructure, SD is uniquely positioned to create a centralized data management ecosystem that automates and enhances flight department communications and operations. The platform acts as the Source of Data (SD) for aviation management and flight operators, which is reflected in the product name.

To define the parameters for its software operating system, SD worked with its Customer Advisory Board to map the processes used by more than 20 flight departments, evaluating the existing procedures for planning and executing a flight, from start to finish. Ranging from scheduling an aircraft to postflight logging, SD identified core similarities among these diverse organizations and common business functions that could be improved by automation and enhanced data visibility. This resulted in a cohesive product suite from SD that streamlines operating procedures and enables flight departments to more efficiently manage multiple assets and increased passenger demand.

SD is creating a valuable and forward-leaning system for business aviation. SD understands the complexities we face as operators, and they are using that insight to pave the way for digitized flight operations support. SD Pro gives us the benefit of a collaborative platform that provides visibility to our entire flight operations ecosystem, making us more efficient and more effective at our jobs. As this cloud-based system becomes fully integrated with third-party applications and continues to add functionality, we see digitalization and the power of that technology helping drive our business model forward. We are excited to partner with SD on this journey,” Bill Buttenwieser, Citigroup Director of Aviation.

From the moment a flight request is made, SD’s PreFlight module centralizes planning information from multiple sources into a single dashboard, allowing operators to more efficiently schedule, manage and operate their aircraft for the ideal passenger experience. Flight performance data is automatically captured and shared throughout the flight, keeping all members of the team informed without the need for manual communication efforts. Accurate engine times and cycles, and flight log details, are auto populated into the PostFlight module and easily shared with various maintenance providers and engine manufacturers, requiring no duplication of effort while creating a digital record for the aircraft history. This ultimately leads to decreased aircraft down times and longer periods between scheduled maintenance events. Financial and tax reporting is made easy through integrated business intelligence tools.

And, throughout every phase, all data is managed through SD’s Tier III Data Center, ensuring sensitive Personal Identifying Information (PII), as well as aircraft data, is kept secure and compliant with global data privacy regulations.

With SD, all elements are brought together, in real-time, so flight operators get a synchronized view of their fleet, communication is improved, and a superior onboard experience is achieved.  SD optimizes work-flows and simplifies communication across all parts of the operation, effectively defining new standards for business aviation flight management.

The major benefits for us at MB Aviation come from the centralization of data, including that from the SD datalink service FlightDeck Freedom. We love the all-in-one solution that SD has created and are leading the industry with. We look forward to the advancement of their open architecture and agnostic solutions for business aviation as a whole. Automation and single access points are the keys to the future, and we are confident in SD’s ability to bring these to life for us,” Ed White, MB Aviation VP, Aviation.