Satcom Direct first in industry to offer Guaranteed Customer Support

Satcom Direct

Melbourne, Florida/11 December 2017 – Business aviation connectivity expert Satcom Direct (SD) has launched a new Service Level Agreement (SLA) program to support Inmarsat Jet
ConneX customers, with plans to expand to other platforms throughout 2018. The SLAs include onsite support, proactive monitoring, outage notifications and guaranteed email and phone call
response times.

Building on its existing customer support, the new SD Service Level Agreements are the first-of-akind to be offered to the business aviation sector. Customers can choose between two tiers of
support: Standard and Premium. Both levels support pro-active outage notifications, a commitment to onsite support from an SD field service engineer, root cause analysis of issues to establish
remedial action, and coverage alerts. In addition, the Premium SLA provides continuous connectivity monitoring by the SD Network Operations Center (NOC). Response rates are guaranteed, with Premium SLA customers receiving a phone call within three minutes of initial contact, and an email response time within 30 minutes, while Standard SLA customers will receive an email response within an hour and a phone call within five minutes.

The launch SLAs capitalize on two acknowledged SD strengths, customer service and Jet ConneX expertise. Each member of the 45-strong global field service team has received recognized training and professional accreditation in the industry from providers such as Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco and others. SD is also one of the leading distributors of the Jet ConneX service, which gives SD both insight into its performance as well as troubleshooting expertise. Participation in an SLA ensures that the customer’s investment in Jet ConneX provides the best user experience available.

“We strive to make every customer feel like they are our only customer, as they all receive our bestin-class support. As products like Jet ConneX become more advanced, SD support has had to advance as well, and the new SLAs provide an enhanced service with several additional advantages and guarantees,” says Chris Moore, SD’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Customers who invested in Jet Connex invested in the most expensive connectivity option available. It makes sense that they would want to invest in the best, most responsive customer service available to support it.”

About Satcom Direct: Satcom Direct (SD) and its companies provide global connectivity solutions for business and general aviation, military, government, and head of state aircraft. The company also provides land mobile services to areas with connectivity limitations. Since 1997, SD has worked to advance the technology of global connectivity, being first to market with new capabilities in
communications technology. SD’s industry leading hardware solutions, like the Satcom Direct Router (SDR), are complemented by their divisional capabilities including TrueNorth cabin and flight deck systems and SD software solutions. A premier Inmarsat distribution partner (including Jet ConneX), Iridium service partner, and ViaSat Ku preferred reseller, SD is also a value-added reseller for Panasonic systems and the exclusive service provider for SmartSky Networks.

SD World Headquarters and primary operations center is in Melbourne, Florida, with additional office locations in the United States, Canada, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. For more information regarding SD, visit, email [email protected], or call U.S. +1.321.777.3000 or UK +44.1252.554.460.


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