SD Expands Access to aeroCNCT Training Through DaVinci Inflight Training Institute

SD Expands Access to aeroCNCT Training Through DaVinci Inflight Training Institute

Melbourne, FL. / 10 March 2021 – Satcom Direct (SD), the business aviation solutions provider, is bolstering access to its Crewmember Network and Connectivity Training certificate program, aeroCNCT, through a new agreement with DaVinci Inflight Training Institute, the Florida-based flight crew training company. The SD aeroCNCT certified course is now being taught by an SD training professional at the DaVinci Institute on a quarterly basis. Theoretical and practical teaching leads to a professional credential upon successful completion of the course and examination.

The addition of aeroCNCT to the DaVinci curriculum aims to support the needs of an increasing amount of flight crew requiring comprehensive understanding of in-flight connectivity solution management. Designed to familiarize students with multifaceted connectivity concepts, the course includes modules on cabin network management, network applications and tools, and flight operation preparation. The resulting accreditation gives the flight professional the confidence to troubleshoot connectivity issues and serves to raise industry standards.

“We understand that connectivity is an essential element of the flight experience and that for flight crew it is a growing area of responsibility. DaVinci recognizes that providing reliable training enhances the opportunity for greater professional development, so it makes sense to team up to offer our dedicated course through the institute. The aeroCNCT course complements existing DaVinci modules, and we hope that by providing a wide selection of courses at a single location, attendees can optimize the full training potential available at the institute,” explains John Kummer, SD SVP Strategy.

DaVinci offers a wide range of courses for flight attendants and crew, including culinary, cabin safety, and service training among others. “We believe that by adding tangible value to professional development with certified courses we are improving career prospects for our students and enhancing the business aviation sector. We are frequently asked for educational support relating to connectivity, so we are excited to add the SD connectivity module to our curriculum. We know it will appeal to many of our existing customers and be of great interest to new ones too,” says John Detloff, chief operating officer at DaVinci.

Since its launch three years ago, more than 200 crewmembers have successfully completed the aeroCNCT course and SD is now welcoming returning students for certification renewal.


About Satcom Direct: Satcom Direct (SD) and its group of companies provides global connectivity solutions for business and general aviation, military, government, and head-of-state aircraft. The company also provides land mobile services to areas with connectivity limitations. Since 1997, SD has worked to advance the technology of global connectivity, being first to market with many new capabilities in communications. SD’s industry-leading connectivity solutions are complemented by its divisional capabilities, including SD Avionics cabin router systems and SD flight operations software. The company’s next generation of services help to synchronize the aircraft with the flight department, connecting the entire flight operation. SD’s technologies provide the most powerful integrated data platform in the industry.

A premier Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium service partner, and Viasat preferred reseller, SD is also the Master Distributor of FlexExec. SD World Headquarters and primary operations center is located in Melbourne, Florida, with additional office locations in the United States, Canada, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. For more information regarding SD, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call U.S. +1.321.777.3000 or UK +44.1252.554.460.


About DaVinci Inflight Training Institute: DaVinci was founded in 2017 on the Montessori-style of experiential learning. Using a cutting edge training style in a state-of-the-art facility, all courses are taught using all five of the student’s senses. The ability to explore and experiment in a safe environment allows any ‘would-be’ mistakes to become the platform for a learning experience.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, courses are taught by DaVinci’s Subject Matter Experts that are globally recognized, industry experts in their curriculum. Our goal is to provide high-energy training that goes beyond industry standards, and the result is a group highly trained, well-rounded students that care for and understand their job to a greater degree. Students get hands on, practical training for all levels of experience that actively engages the learner in all the courses offered that revolve around culinary, service, aviation food safety, leadership and the newly begun, emergency cabin safety training.

DaVinci students, no matter their proficiency or skill level, undergo some type of profound learning or renewed passion for their job after completing their training. The Subject Matter Experts, and many of the more seasoned students, provide mentorship beyond the classroom to new members to the industry, creating a support system for them as they come across new challenges.

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