SD Government to divest COMSAT teleports to Goonhilly in asset transfer deal.

SD Government COMSAT Southbury, Conneticut teleport

Melbourne, FL. / 14 March 2023 – SD Government, the satellite communications provider for global governments, has entered into an agreement for the sale of the COMSAT Southbury, CT. and Santa Paula, CA. teleports to UK-based Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd.

Upon closing of the asset sale, the East and West coast U.S. ground stations will be operated and managed by Goonhilly, which is making the acquisition to support its growth in the sector. The two-phase transition of management, employees and ground assets will allow the seamless transfer of existing operations and all client business.  The first phase will ensure streamlined integration of the teleport team, land and facilities into the Goonhilly structure, while the second will focus on optimizing the Goonhilly global POPs to supplement the existing SD global points of presence and terrestrial network. Goonhilly will work with SD as a strategic partner to support its satcom services.

“Goonhilly UK is the ideal group to take the teleports to the next level of capabilities as it continues to invest in the infrastructure upgrades that SD has made. The deal allows us to continue innovating our SD hardware, software and connectivity services and Goonhilly to focus on the core business of optimizing teleport operations. Once the transition is concluded, the augmented infrastructure will strengthen our global mobility network for our business, government and military customers, which rely on us for consistent connectivity around the world,” says Chris Moore, President, Satcom Direct.

The agreed sale will increase Goonhilly’s satellite communication coverage and provide customers on both sides of the Atlantic access to the expertise for which Goonhilly and COMSAT are renowned. The purchase will also allow the company to increase the reach of its private deep space communications network – increasing the amount of time that its customers’ spacecraft are visible as the Earth rotates.

Ian Jones, Goonhilly CEO adds, “We are delighted to have agreed to the sale. Goonhilly and COMSAT are two of the most established and respected names in the satellite teleport business, and this brings the opportunity on both sides of the Atlantic to enhance our service offer to all our ground station clients. At the same time, we will be extending our ground-breaking deep space and lunar communications capability.  The addition of the award-winning teleports, a group of highly experienced engineers and the heritage they have for handling complex, highly customized network requirements boosts our offering and gives real added value to our existing and future customers.”

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About Goonhilly

For over six decades, Goonhilly Earth Station (Cornwall, UK) has served as the trusted ground station of choice for many of the world’s major satellite operators. Benefitting from resilient large-scale networks and infrastructure, and expert 24/7 support, its diverse range of satellite services include uplink and broadcast, gateway operations, TT&C, carrier monitoring, and more.

In 2021, Goonhilly expanded its services to the Moon and beyond – providing private lunar and deep-space communications links to spacecraft operated by international space agencies and commercial enterprises including ESA, NASA, and iSpace inc., via its UK-based 32m and 30m antennas.

The purchase of US-based company COMSAT, including two of its US teleports, will see the world’s first commercial deep-space network go international – increasing global coverage and capacity for lunar and deep-space communications clients.

The deal also serves to optimise LEO, MEO and GEO satellite communication services for customers on both sides of the Atlantic – increasing visibility and reach, and providing access to the expertise for which both companies are renowned.

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