SD Ranks #1 in AIN Product Support Survey

From AIN:

“Satcom Direct (SD) again ranked in first place for the Cabin Electronics segment, with an 8.4 Overall Average, up 0.2 from last year’s score. The strongest categories for SD this year were Warranty Fulfillment (8.7), Technical Manuals (8.5), Technical Reps (9.0, the highest of any of this segment’s category rankings), and Overall Product Reliability (8.6).

The Improvements
Satcom Direct works closely with customers and because of its efforts to provide secure communications, it is positioned to deliver proactive support, “predicting and addressing issues before passengers are even affected,” the company said. During the past year, Satcom Direct has enhanced these capabilities. Operators who fly aircraft equipped with the Satcom Direct Router, for example, often will see problems fixed before they even know about them and without having to download logs or notify Satcom Direct.

The company has invested heavily in its Network Operations Center in Melbourne, Florida, with new “support toolsets for machine learning and artificial intelligence, which help us not only identify when a customer is experiencing an outage, but are also smart enough to highlight a degraded user experience.” Even if the primary connectivity service isn’t working, Satcom Direct can determine a root cause for customers subscribing to the SD Xperience suite of services.

In addition to offering network and cybersecurity training for customers, Satcom Direct’s support team members all undergo constant training, and many are also pilots, so they understand airborne connectivity issues.”

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