Satcom Direct’s Ongoing Commitment During COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

SD is committed to providing our customers and partners with best-in-class services and support around the globe. With the continued updates and heightened concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that SD is taking necessary steps to safeguard the continued operations and services of SD. We understand that our customers and partners rely upon our worldwide infrastructure to provide continued support. The public health and safety of our customers, employees, their families and all visitors of our global facilities are the top priorities for SD in managing COVID-19. SD has activated our business continuity and pandemic plans, and our award-winning customer support continues to be fully staffed 24/7, with no changes expected.

To assist us in making well-informed decisions, we are taking immediate and appropriate precautions with the goal of risk mitigation including:

  1. SD has activated our business continuity and pandemic plans to help ensure seamless operations throughout this situation. Our business continuity strategies include but are not limited to:
    • Remote access solutions allowing employees to work from home with access to data, applications, and systems.
    • Communication solutions that enable anytime, anywhere communication via the internet from any device or location.
    • Emergency procedures that outline how to recover equipment, emergency contact information for employees, customers and vendors.
    • Virtual private network (VPN) technology to ensure our employees are using a secure, encrypted connection at home to access corporate information.
  2. Adopting new travel restrictions through the end of March for the safety of our employees, customers and visitors, consistent with travel guidance by the WHO and the U.S. Department of State.
  3. Following the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, local health authorities and country specific guidelines for our continued operations.
  4. Advising sick employees with symptoms of the virus to stay home and immediately inform their health care provider and supervisor.
  5. Enforcing quarantines when appropriate.
  6. Increasing frequency of our cleaning and sanitizing protocols for all facilities with added focus on disinfecting common areas.
  7. Activating our Crisis Management team to provide internal monitoring and response directives to help ensure our Tech Support, Security, IT, Facilities, Network Services, and HR departments continue to prepare our facilities and operations to rapidly respond to the changes within our evolving environments.
  8. Working with 3rd party vendors to confirm that they have properly prepared and have taken all necessary actions to ensure uninterrupted services.

This is certainly an unsettling time, but SD and its employees are motivated and committed to continue to operate and provide best in class service. It is our responsibility to support the customers and companies that rely upon us. SD will closely monitor the rapidly developing global events, take appropriate actions as needed and continue to keep customers and partners informed of any significant changes to our protocols and procedures. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, our thoughts and well wishes go out to anyone in our global community who may be affected by the Coronavirus.

Stay Safe and Kind Regards,

Jim Jensen signature

Jim Jensen
Chairman and CEO