COMSAT Invests in Infrastructure and Network Expansion

We are making significant investments in our teleport and ground network infrastructure in continuing to support our GEO supplier partners like Inmarsat, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Echostar and ABS, as well as our LEO supplier and partners such as OneWeb and Iridium. Through the acquisition of additional land, building of three new 7.3M Ku-band antennas and the re-sectoring and re-anchoring of existing antenna assets, COMSAT is in the position to provide access to a broader range of satellites at the Southbury and Santa Paula teleports.

In addition to the infrastructure expansion, COMSAT is creating new levels of terrestrial redundancy and increasing capacity throughout the entire network by using multiple carriers and more geographically diverse routes. By using numerous carriers, we are providing solutions that do not depend on a singular carrier or route, thus allowing for less disruption during outages while our customers continue to receive data in multiple and redundant ways.

As part of the Satcom Direct family of companies, COMSAT works closely with SD Data Center providing one of the industry’s top-rated cybersecurity services. It also allows our customers to use the teleports as a bridge for both legacy and new networks through our in-house data center services and access to our cloud services or any of the numerous cloud service providers.

COMSAT partners with other teleports across the globe that enable us to provide worldwide coverage to meet any needs.

All these measures differentiate COMSAT by creating an independent, global, fail-safe network to provide continuous and secure connectivity to our customers.