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Gulfstream Connectivity Service provides a first-of-its-kind enhanced customer experience by making Gulfstream the single source for equipment, service networks [powered by SD (Satcom Direct)] and technical support.

With the introduction of Jet ConneX, Gulfstream’s Ka-band connectivity solution, Gulfstream continues its tradition of providing the best solutions for integrating the most advanced systems in the cabin. Jet ConneX is currently available on the Gulfstream G650, G650ER, G550, G500 and G600. The G450 is on the path to certification. SwiftBroadband continues to be offered on all Gulfstream models, while Ku SatLink 3.0 is available on all Gulfstream large-cabin models.

Through its Connectivity Service, Gulfstream now offers a variety of satellite-based network services with all-inclusive bundle plans tailored to a customer’s usage requirements and regular travel routes. The bundles include SD Pro, Cyber Security protection, the Advanced Connectivity module and connectivity-focused entry-into-service training. The bundles are designed to offer flight departments a higher level of control, optimizing their overall connectivity experience.


Continuing Gulfstream’s commitment to outstanding technical support, Gulfstream is building a Virtual Network Operations Center (VNOC) within its Technical Operations group that will mirror the Network Operations Center (NOC) based at SD’s world headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. To ensure the best possible solutions are developed for operators, the VNOC and NOC will share data as well as provide on-the-job training through a NOC exchange program.

This joint venture provides a real-time knowledge exchange designed to exceed a customer’s connectivity needs. Gulfstream’s Tech Ops Cabin Communications team will attend SD aeroIT training, while the Gulfstream Product Support Sales team will attend SD aeroCNCT training. Gulfstream’s new aircraft production teams – Completions Delivery Executives (CDE) and Completions Delivery Associates (CDA) – will also attend SD aeroCNCT training.

The introduction of Gulfstream Connectivity Service and the partnership with SD provides operators a new level of support and comfort through every phase of their connectivity experience.



Did you know that you could upgrade your existing Ku-band connectivity system without replacing your equipment? That’s right, available this year, you can upgrade to Viasat’s high-speed Dual-band solution by integrating Viasat’s Ka-band system with your existing Ku-band equipment.

Viasat’s Dual-band solution is an intelligently designed system that always provides the best satellite network for internet connectivity. The service seamlessly shifts connectivity between Ka- and Ku-band networks as needed, creating an uninterrupted high-speed internet experience.

Dual-band services leverages both Ka-band and Ku-band networks to keep business jets connected in flight. Principals and their passengers can enjoy a high-speed internet experience for all they do online, wherever they go in the world. From emailing to downloading files to media streaming.

Dual-band service will provide:

  • Global coverage available in all phases of aircraft operation- even taxi, takeoff, and landing
  • In-flight connectivity that allows you to conference, surf, and stream – just like you would in your office
  • A high-speed Ka-band network offering 16 Mbps on all plans- and even faster in the future
  • A now faster and reliable Ku-band back-up service when outside of the growing Ka-band footprint (Ku-band download link up to 6 Mbps)

Viasat Dual-band solution is available second half of 2018 and we are taking pre-orders today. Reach out to Satcom Direct Service Representative at +1 321.777.3000, or email us at [email protected].