SD Iridium Certus® Antenna Prototype Testing Begins

SD Iridium Certus Antenna Prototype Testing Begins

As we strengthen our hardware offering with the development of the Plane Simple™ antenna series, our commitment to supporting business aviation connectivity for light to heavy jets continues. In addition to our tail-mounted antenna development, which will support mid- to large-size jets, our development of the SD Plane Simple Certus® Antenna, designed specifically for aviation, remains on track with prototype bench testing already in process at our Ottawa facility.

The newly designed and manufactured fuselage mounted antenna will deliver the industry’s first, and only, High Gain Antenna (HGA) system for the Iridium Certus network offering. Simple installation is supported by the just two line replaceable units (LRUs) – a small form factor fuselage mounted antenna, and the integrated SDR Gateway 2.0 router which also serves as the Certus modem.

Upon activation, customers will receive the full capabilities of the 704 Kbps Certus service, which will deliver high-performance connectivity for government and business airframes. The fastest L-band data speeds powered by the resilient Iridium NEXT constellation will support full routing features, flight deck data link, and integrated cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to keep aircraft connected, secure and safe around the globe.

The SD antenna system will also support advanced data management as part of SD’s powerful SD Pro ecosystem, enabling more visibility and insights into system and aircraft performance.

The Iridium Certus service offers a primary connectivity source for smaller airframes, and can also serve as a reliable backup service for aircraft with high speed data systems installed. Should regular Ku- or Ka-band service lapse due to atmospheric conditions or aircraft location, the integrated SDR Gateway modem ensures immediate access to the lower speed Certus service. Consistent global coverage is ensured, even over the poles, using the intermeshed NEXT constellation L-band frequency.

As Value-Added Manufacturer (VAM) and Service Provider (SP) for Iridium Certus, as well as the exclusive Iridium Certus service provider for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), we are already providing Certus service to the land mobile, and maritime sectors, and look forward to bringing the service to the aero markets when we launch this powerful new offering.