Increasing Access to SD Certified Training

Increasing access to SD certified training with DaVinci

As a customer-centric business, we focus on enabling our clients to maximize the full potential of their connectivity system. We also recognize that supporting in-flight connectivity is the responsibility of more than one person which is why we’ve created a dedicated connectivity training program. The courses are rich in practical content for all stakeholders, including aviation IT professionals, aircraft owners and operators, principals, flight technicians, and cabin crew, who regularly operate or use onboard connectivity systems.

Recognizing that course accessibility is essential, we have recently bolstered availability of our Crewmember Network and Connectivity Training certificate program, aeroCNCT, through a new agreement with DaVinci Inflight Training Institute, the Florida-based flight crew training company. Designed to familiarize students with multifaceted connectivity concepts, the course includes modules on cabin network management, network applications and tools, and flight operation preparation. The resulting accreditation gives the cabin crew, who are often the first to be asked about a connectivity issue, the confidence to troubleshoot any concerns. It also raises industry standards and global understanding of on-board connectivity systems.

“DaVinci recognizes that providing reliable training enhances the opportunity for greater professional development and regularly receives requests for connectivity training. It makes sense to team up as aeroCNCT complements existing DaVinci modules. With a broad range of cabin crew courses available at a single location DaVinci students can optimize their time at the college during a single visit,” explains John Kummer, SD SVP Strategy. Since its launch three years ago, more than 200 crewmembers have successfully completed the aeroCNCT course and SD is now welcoming returning students for certification renewal.

The aeroCNCT course is now being taught by an SD training professional at the DaVinci Institute on a quarterly basis and at our SD Melbourne, FL. world headquarters. We can also deliver the training at customer facilities on request. For further information about our full range of training options please visit our dedicated SD Training pages.